Start of the BLOOMy study in GABON

In the framework of the MIMVaC-Africa consortium, a baseline malaria epidemiology study (BLOOMy) was to be conducted in the future phase 2b malaria vaccine trial sites in Burkina, Gabon, and Mozambique. This study aimed at generating necessary data to allow adequately powered sample size calculations and to identify the most suitable regimen of antimalarial drugs to be used with low interferences with vaccine efficacy evaluations.

The MIMVaC-Africa is happy to announce the start of BLOOMy in Gabon where the study is led by Prof. Selidji T. AGNANDJI at CERMEL, Lambarené. The participants’ screening started in August 2022 and so far, informed consent to participate was obtained from a hundred participants and roughly half of them is successfully screened. About 400 children aged 1.5 years to 12 years old are to be enrolled and the end of recruitment is expected for December 2022 hopefully.


The work package 7 Leader Dr. Alfred B. TIONO says: “I warmly congratulate the team of CERMEL, Gabon for reaching this important milestone and I encourage them to stay the course for timely completion of this study. I assure them of the assistance of all the consortium. Our eyes are now on the Mozambique team who are currently working hard for the effective start of the project there”.

As a reminder, the BLOOMy study in Burkina Faso is completed and the team is now working on the study report and scientific publication drafting.